fffictional: terms and conditions

    fffictional's responsibilities to the writer

  1. We will provide you with a platform through which you can promote and sell your work.

  2. Our fee for providing the platform is 12% of the retail price of the book excluding VAT. As the publisher, you receive 88% of the retail price of the book excluding VAT.

  3. We will provide you with easy access to sales information.

  4. You'll be able to see the public profile of people who have bought your book.

  5. You will receive a monthly payment for sales, a month in arrears. This means you'll receive a payment for sales in June on the 1st of August, for example.

  6. We do not add Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to ebooks purchased on fffictional, (this is as good a description of why as any)

  7. We do require that anyone who buys a book on fffictional signs up to our readers agreement (see below).

  8. We are currently implementing technology which allows us to identify what account a particular ebook has been downloaded through. If we are made aware of anyone abusing their account to distribute work they do not own, we'll go after them. This is at least as important to us as it is to our writers. These TOS will be updated when this implementation is complete.

  9. Our systems are provided on an as-is basis, and we cannot accept any liability for loss or damage resulting through their use.

  10. We aim to be open in all that we do, but we reserve the right to refuse to host any work on our platform, and we may decide not to give reasons for not hosting a particular work.

  11. We store data which includes your name, email address, the avatar you upload and data relating to your sales history on the platform. Currently we use servers in the USA to host the platform. You must consent to your data being stored in this way in order to use the platform.

  12. We have the right to change the terms and conditions stated here upon written notice.

  13. Either party has the right to terminate the agreements here upon 30 days written notice.

  14. This agreement is governed by English Law, and the courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction.

    The writer's responsibility to fffictional:

  15. You must own the rights for any work you publish through us. By uploading a work to our systems you are definitively asserting to us that you are the owner.

  16. You are entirely responsible as the publisher of the work for its contents.

  17. If someone flags an issue with a work you have published on the site, you have a responsibility to respond quickly and thoroughly to resolve the issue. Until issues are resolved, we may remove items from sale.

  18. You are not tied to an exclusive arrangement with fffictional: you can sell your work wherever else you like at whatever price you chose.

  19. The minimum selling price for a work on fffictional is currently £4.50. This may change with time, but we'll always let you know well in advance if we plan to make a change to minimum prices and it will always be about the price of a pint of beer.

  20. By publishing on the platform, you warrant that the content is not defamatory, is an original work and will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and you undertake to indemnify fffictional against any third party claims that the content infringes a third party's IPR or is defamatory.

    fffictional and the writer's shared responsibility to readers

  21. When someone buys a book on fffictional they will have immediate access to download the work.

  22. Unless an issue is flagged for a work and access to it has been suspended, for as long as you sell a work on fffictional, purchasers will be able to continue to download it to their devices.

  23. You are perfectly entitled to withdraw a work from fffictional at any time and with no notice: however anyone who has purchased a copy of your work will receive a notification and will be able to download the work for a period of 30 days following withdrawal of the work. No new copies of the work will be sold and the work will not appear on the site to anyone who has not purchased it. After those 30 days, the work will no longer be available to any users and the work will be deleted from our systems. You will still be able to access financial information for a period following that.

    Readers agreement

  24. Purchasing a book on fffictional entitles you to download it to any device you own.

  25. Much like a physical copy of a book, you are entitled to lend your copy of the book to someone you know, but you must do so in it's entirety – including the cover and title pages which assert the author's ownership of copyright.

  26. Because of the nature of digital distribution, you could make lots of copies and distribute them – please don't. This is harmful to the writer, harmful to publishers, and in the end, harmful to consumers: that's you. Some digital distributors use Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to try to reduce unauthorised copying and distribution. We don't, because generally DRM is inconvenient to genuine consumers, and trivial to bypass for anyone who cares to.

  27. When you buy a book, you create a public profile on fffictional, which consists of at least the pen name you gave when you completed your purchase. A central principle of fffictional is that a really good way of discovering new things to read is by looking at the bookshelves of other people. Your pen name and your bookshelf are always public to other users of fffictional, including authors.

  28. We store data which includes your name, email address, the avatar you upload and data relating to your purchase history on the platform. We use servers in the UK to host the platform. You must consent to your data being stored in this way in order to use the platform. We do not have access to the payment details you use to make purchases: these are held by Stripe (www.stripe.com), the company we use to process payment.

fffictional.com is owned and operated by Road Associates Ltd, 2 Clovelly Mews, 20 Blackwater Road, Eastbourne BN21 4JQ.